A global broadcast distribution network with the flexibility, cost efficiency and highest quality in response to industry needs and new consumer behaviour.

Deluxe Entertainment joins the SRT Alliance enabling global routing and delivery of SRT streams.

Trusted by many prestigious content providers such as the National Football League (NFL), the ESL Gaming network, MP & Silva and the English Premier League (EPL).

Nominated for both IBC Innovation Awards 2017 Content Anywhere and IABM 2017 Design and Innovation awards.


Deluxe managed Broadcast Delivery Network delivers crisp, uninterrupted video for global delivery of any live broadcast stream.

Multiple NOCs with technical support staff available.
BDP Broadcast Delivery Protocol enables packet healing and jitter removal.
Full encryption of streams in transit between authenticated devices.

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Pristine image quality, broadcast compliant accuracy and extremely low latency.

Software-based encoder appliances provides best-in-class encoding/decoding in combination with the Deluxe BDP Broadcast Delivery Protocol for packet healing and jitter removal.

SD, full HD, and ULTRA HD supported at all standard framerates. Audio support for DOLBY-E, AC3 Pass-though and all established audio standards.



Experience the browser-based PortaLive MCR Master Control Room. Your broadcast MCR anywhere.

Complete MCR operations from any internet connected web browser.

Switching. Routing. Recording. Playback. Time delay. Monitoring. Analytics.


Safety, encryption

Transmission restricted to authenticated units.
Broadcast streams fully encrypted in transit.

Two layers of security - SSL and AES - providing device and content security.
Sending encoders can only link to authenticated receivers and decoders.
Operations staff at managed NOCs enable and authenticate streams between sender and receiver.
In transit, the broadcast streams are encrypted with AES256 real-time military grade encryption.


Achieving in excess of 99.999% availability.

Redundant internet connections and multiple ISPs utilising multipath dramatically increase guaranteed uptime.
Multipath redundancy over dual connections or load balance mode utilising available bandwidth across many different ISPs.
Deluxe NOCs located in Australia, Asia, the UK and USA.
More than 70 POP datacentres across the globe in Australia, Asia, Scandinavia, the UK and USA.



Deluxe Broadcast Delivery Network is part of the Deluxe Entertainment MediaCloud platform. Read more about Media Cloud at www.deluxemediacloud.com
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The BDN enables customers to connect to the world’s premier media communities and broadcasters which gives them access to more markets to exploit their brands at a highly competitive price.

By using the BDN, customers benefit from a network dedicated to real time video content delivery. IP is reshaping the media landscape. Deluxe built and deployed the BDN to bypass all the perceived disruptions from unpredictable latency, jitter and dropped data packets under congestion.

The BDN also comprises a sophisticated suite of tools which provide diagnostics, record capability, routing control and military grade encryption.


At the core of the BDN lies Deluxe’s edge-based catcher/pitcher appliances; these appliances provide secure and quality assured transmissions and receipts of up to 16 IP encoded high-resolution video streams across any type of wide area data network. The technology that controls the network, together with our customers’ content, is housed in highly resilient and secure data centres.

Deluxe can redirect traffic across the entire network either via another route to maintain service within any territory. By way of multicasting, Deluxe can switch seamlessly between dual resilient video paths in the unlikely event of failure. The platform is also capable of delivering 4K ultra-high definition live content.

The YELLOW LABEL encoder/decoder provides MPEG- 4/AVC/HEVC 4:2:2/4:2:0 8- and 10 bit encoding and decoding of broadcast video streams. The management interface is integrated into the PortaLive MCR.

You are in full control over setups required in a specific situation.

All commonly existing formats are supported.

Safety, encryption

We all know security is paramount to any network and operation.

This means we always encrypt feeds using military grade AES256 in real time.

This will keep your content safe whilst in transfer across open networks such as the internet. The Deluxe BDN is also based on our proprietary protocol, the BDP, which further strengthens security.

All devices in the network, such as Blue and Black Labels have SSL certificates, that only allows approved units to talk to each other.

Should a unit be detected as hostile it can easily be removed from the network.


The BDN is in use today by some of the world’s leading media brands for contribution, distribution, over the top delivery, backup, disaster recovery, broadcast monitoring, and news and sports workflows. Broadcasters and Rights’ Holders are leveraging the platform in production for point to point and multipoint, all while lowering costs, putting the economics of live production back in their favour.

The NFL, including the Super Bowl, has been successfully delivered via the BDN across Europe for seasons 2015/16 and 2016/17 and will be expanded further to deliver the 2017/18 season.

Deluxe’s BDN enables the delivery of several 24/7/365 SD, HD and 4K channels across the world.

The BDN has supported the delivery of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, various European football leagues, NRL and full-time broadcast. channels.

Service Levels

Deluxe has a proven track record for uninterrupted delivery of high profile real-time contribution and distribution video feeds for many large international broadcasters achieving in excess of 99.999% availability since the inception of the IP based BDN. Customers can be assured that their video services will benefit from these demanding SLAs which will reduce the likelihood for service failure and maintain high customer satisfaction.

Our Operational staff will support the solution 24/7/365 to deliver high availability and a high quality service.

Our engineers are highly trained in the delivery of live sport.

Deluxe has access to a global engineering team who are available to assist any local broadcasters with technical issues.

Our BDN architecture is designed to ensure the services can be monitored and controlled from any of our global Network Operation Centres.


PortaLive acts as the Master Control Room (MCR) tool for the MediaCloud platform. It manages and provides visibility and orchestration into the delivery and contribution of live video feeds.

All live video feeds are registered into PortaLive and from there can be routed anywhere within the internal facility network, or the BDN. User permissions and access rights are managed by PortaLive administration, as too are settings for managed encoders and decoders.

PortaLive is also used for line recording and switching, all accessed through a simple to use web interface; customers and suppliers can be in full control of the delivery network for their brand or receiving brands.


Dashboard - for quick network and device overviews - you define what you need to see.
Capture - Record any available feed either as a non destructive TS file or to any common broadcast file format.
Scheduler - Automate and schedule almost all functions of PortaLive. The scheduler can also be integrated to popular third party systems such as ScheduALL.
Failover - Direct access to fail over between any devices on the network such as Blue Labels or Yellow Labels. A feed can also be pushed via any of the global aggregation points.
Decoders - View status of your decoder installation, edit settings or set them up in logical groups. Once in a group they can be controlled by a single click, and it will make the change across every unit in that group, no matter where in the world your device is installed. You are truly in global control.
Encoders - Setup new formats and profiles. Make them global and share them with other users in your organisation. You can also group encoders making them respond to single click operations no matter where in the world they are installed. Monitor the running status straight from PortaLive, even in the router panel.
Statistics - How well is my network doing? Is my client really receiving that data? Or do you simply need to report on performance? PortaLive statistics will be your best friend. You can choose between historical data or set the system up to follow your live event in near real time (down to 10 seconds) and you can turn on audible alerts to make you aware of any possible problems.
Delayer - PortaLive time delays are based on RTP and are therefore absolutely non-destructive to quality. What comes in goes out - just later… The delayer can work from seconds to hours depending on your needs. Also, a single engine can have several outputs, each with its own time delay.
Multiviewers - PortaLive includes advanced monitoring. You can setup, edit and create mosaics as needed. They can be anything from a single feed up to very dense layouts with many feeds monitored at the same time. Outputs always come in two flavours - one high resolution for your big screens and a scaled-down version for online viewing.
Multiviewers will also monitor your feeds for interruptions and errors. These can be RTP outages, video stills, audio level monitoring and more.
They also support all broadcast audio formats including both Dolby E and Dolby D.